Helper Utah located in carbon county utah

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Helper Utah located in carbon county utah

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What Can You Do In Helper?

Nestled at the foothills of the Bookcliff Mountains in Eastern Utah, the small town of Helper is steeped in a rich history and spectacular natural beauty. Visitors to the area will never find themselves with nothing to do. With an exciting history, outstanding trails and enjoyable parks, Helper lends itself to activity.

Our Diverse History...

In the 1880's the Rio Grande Railroad was seeking a route between Denver and Salt Lake City. After discovering the vast coal deposits in Eastern Utah, Helper was chosen as a sort of "Western Union Station" and the town began to flourish. Scores of immigrants moved to Helper to begin their life anew. Their culture still flavors the atmosphere of the town.

Visitors can begin their day with a stop at the Western Mining & Railroad Museum located on Helper's historic Main Street. The Museum is a treasure trove of historical photographs and artifacts from the areas railroading and coal mining past. Housed in the old Helper Hotel built in 1914, the Western Mining & Railroad Museum offers visitors four floors of exhibits. Everything from mining disasters to community baseball is displayed.

While at the Museum, pick up a copy of "A Tour of Historic Helper Main Street" by local author Madge Tomsic. Using the book as a guide, take a stroll through the pages of history beginning on one side of Main Street and continuing down the other.

Shopping and Dining...

As you walk, stop in at the numerous art galleries, antique and specialty shops that line the street. You are sure to find the perfect reminder of your stay in Helper.

If all of that walking has gotten you hungry, enjoy a meal at one of the fine restaurants Helper has to offer. Each restaurant is unique in its decor and menu and all promise great food for hungry explorers.

Walking Trails...

If the beauty of Helper is calling to you, take a walk on one of two superb trails in town.

The Price River Parkway winds its way through Helper following the Price River. Along the Parkway you will find quiet places to sit, beautiful natural areas and pieces of history. Located along the Parkway in downtown Helper is a pavilion with a sand volleyball court as well as a place to play the Italian national pastime of Bochee Ball. You may reserve the pavilion by calling Helper City.

If you are looking to explore the surrounding mountain areas, the newly constructed Spring Canyon Trail is just the thing. Located in the west part of town, the Spring Canyon Trail follows the abandoned railroad line that served the coal camps of Peerless, Spring Canyon, Standardville, Latuda, Rains and Mutual. The paved trail winds though the canyon past the old town sites where only ghosts remain. Several parking areas and restroom facilities are available along the trail.

If you prefer a more primitive and challenging trail, the Kenilworth-Helper Railroad Trail is just what you are looking for. Following the now abandoned railroad line between Helper and the small mining town of Kenilworth, the Kenilworth-Helper Railroad Trail is a steep, winding trail for walking, biking or atving. The trail begins at the foot of mountain in North Helper and accends nearly 1,200 feet into Kenilworth.

Ghost Towns...

Sometimes touring via the windshield is the way to go. If you like to explore ghost towns, Helper is definitely your headquarters. Twenty ghost towns dot the landscape of Carbon County, ghostly reminders of the county's coal mining past. A complete listing of the town sites as well as information about each camp is available at the Western Mining & Railroad Museum.


All year long, Helper is alive with festivals and celebrations. Beginning in June Helper celebrates its unique history and heritage with the Annual Heritage Week celebration. Tours, lectures and living history demonstrations highlight this award winning week of festivities.

August brings the Annual Helper Arts Festival. Historic Main Street is transformed into an artists paradise with great food, live entertainment and stunning art of all mediums. This two day event draws hundreds of people and is helping to shape the town into an art mecca.

Finally if you're in the mood for the holidays there is no better place than Helper. Known as Utah's Christmas Town, Helper dresses up in it holiday finest and celebrates with the Annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair, the Candlelight Walk, Chili Dinner, Electric Light Parade and Grand Finale Fireworks. Held every year beginning the week before Thanksgiving, the Utah's Christmas Town Festival is a feast for the eyes and the soul and brings a warm welcome to the Christmas Season.

We'd love to see you...

If all of this activity has worn you out stay in one of Helper's unique motels or bed and breakfasts. Each offers a real railroad town' experience and gives the weary traveler a fresh start.

One thing is for certain, Helper, Utah is unlike any destination around. From ghost towns to bike trails, wildlife to golfing, Helper offers something for everyone.


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